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Connecting people to
achieve shared Dreams!

Use Freewill to share free time, access free goods and achieve shared dreams!

Share Free Time:

  • Meet people over shared interests
  • Reflect Goodwill equally for sharing free time
  • Develop a reputation by offering and sharing free time
  • Link offered free time to related services to advertise them

Access Free Goods:

  • Find free goods that relate to your interests
  • Use Goodwill to bid for fair access to free goods
  • Develop a reputation by offering and providing free goods
  • Link offered free goods to related products to advertise them

Achieve Shared Dreams:

  • Share and support Dreams in relation to your interests
  • Secure access to free time and goods through your Dreams
  • Gain support for your shared Dreams from other Freewill users
  • Link your Dreams to related resources to draw attention to them